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Here are jokes about all those great big companies and corporations. Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft... lots of jokes. Plus generic company jokes - hilarious if you have ever worked in a company or office environment.

Company Jokes.

Hewlett Packard Lockheed Martin and Apple go for a Pee - Three Company Engineers are in the mens room having a pee - the result is a classic!

Top ten way's "Deep Blue" is celebrating - Humorous joke file giving ten reasons for "Deep Blue" to be celebrating.

Time for Toast - A "what if" file. "What if Xerox made toasters: You could toast one-sided or double-sided. Successive slices would get lighter and lighter. The toaster would jam your bread for you" ....... You just HAVE to read the "What if Microsoft made Toasters!" Great Jargon Geek Joke!

Smurf Inside - A Jargon Jokes file detailing "Smurf Inside" rather than "Intel Inside" ........ Hey! Did you hear the music then? I did!

In Computer Heaven and In Computer Hell - A hilarious little Jargon Jokes file that explains the techie world we live in.

The CEO's Envelopes - I always knew CEOs' and Managing Directors' were up to all sorts of tricks, so this doesn't surprise me at all...... Good company joke.

The Ten Office Commandments - Every Office I have ever worked in has had rules like this....... What a life.

Possible IBM acronyms - Well, what do YOU think IBM stands for? :-)

Microsoft versus GM - So Bill Gates criticises GM, the response is hilarious...

If companies ran Christmas - Microsoft, Apple, Rand, Cray, DEC, Dell - would YOU want them to run Christmas - Read this...

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