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Computer Jokes.

High Tech Jargon - Do you wonder what manufacturers are telling you when they say a product is "Hand-Crafted" or "Maintenance Free"? Check out this Jargon Joke for a great funny guide to High Tech Jargon.

Top ten uses for my boyfriend's computer - A girlfriend gets her own back with her own Top Ten Nerd list.

Top ten way's "Deep Blue" is celebrating - Humorous joke file giving ten reasons for "Deep Blue" to be celebrating.

Signs you bought a bad computer - Well, you just KNOW that I typed this on one of these computers, don't you? "7. The slogan on the front reads: "Intel Pentium Inside: redefining mathematics".

Hewlett Packard Lockheed Martin and Apple go for a Pee - Three Company Engineers are in the mens room having a pee - the result is a classic!

10 signs a Red-Neck was on a computer - What's a Redneck? (Only Joking!) - I'm just a local yokel anyway.

How to spot a computer engineer - Yes, it is me!

Reasons to Believe Computers are Female - I love this one! :-)

Reasons to Believe Computers are Male - I hate this one! :-)

Where is my father? - A guy tries to outwit the Ultimate Computer and gets his come uppance - ha!

Proper Diskette Care and Usage - Did you know? .... "Diskettes become "hard" with age. It's important to back up your "hard" disks before they become too brittle to use"..... the rest of this geek file is just as good.

Computer Jargon - A super computer and authority........ ha!

MAN CATCHES COMPUTER VIRUS! - Yes, he came into too close contact with his computer and he has got it too..... "From the highly reliable newspaper, Weekly World News:" ...... lol

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