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Jargon Jokes Jargon Jokes

Jargon Jokes.

Modern Military Jargon - Ever wondered exactly WHAT the term "collateral damage" means? Check out this Jargon Joke for a humerous definition of modern military terms.

God's e-mail - Well, it's OK - I never got it either.

In Computer Heaven and In Computer Hell - A hilarious little Jargon Jokes file that explains the techie world we live in.

Why client server computing is like t??? s?? - (Rhymes with lean hex) - Ah, I remember it well.

Nineties Jargon - A Nineties Jargon File that explains the meaning of phrases such as "VULCAN NERVE PINCH", "PRAIRIE DOGGING" and "SEAGULL MANAGER" ...... still current, really......

Proper Diskette Care and Usage - Did you know? .... "Diskettes become "hard" with age. It's important to back up your "hard" disks before they become too brittle to use"..... the rest of this geek file is just as good.

A Glossary of Computing Terms - Jargon and Geek Definitions of the Computer Industry and the terms they use...... I must be REALLY sad because I actually enjoyed this GEEK file.

Computer Jargon - A super computer and authority........ ha!

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